ZEST (Zocular Eyelid System Technology)

Our vision is our most relied-upon sense so it must be kept healthy and clean to function optimally and remain comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that we have exceptional eye hygiene. Nevertheless, issues can still occur that result in problems that have swift repercussions for our vision. The good news is that there are treatments that can help. One of the latest advances in eye health technology is ZEST. 

What is ZEST?


ZEST stands for Zocular Eyelid System Technology. This exciting in-office treatment has been developed by ZocularÒ and designed specifically for the treatment of dry eye, demodex, and blepharitis. 

ZEST works in the same way as a deep and thorough shampoo, comprehensively cleaning the eyelids and lashes so that they are free from debris, mites, and bacteria. The procedure itself is very straightforward. 

Firstly, a special gel is applied to the eyelid margin and lashes using a specialized cleaning swab. Using this swab, your eye doctor will work the gel into a circular motion until it becomes a lather. This lather is then rinsed away with saline solution. 

ZEST gel is formulated with a special ingredient – a refined extract of okra. Okra is an edible green seed pod, but that is particularly effective in helping to lift and clear oil, dirt, and debris along the margins of the eyelids. It also contains properties that help to calm and soothe the skin to counteract inflammation and irritation. 

How Long Will it Take for ZEST to Work?


One of the greatest benefits of ZEST treatment is that patients can start to notice an improvement in their symptoms after just a single treatment. Swelling and inflammation can start to reduce immediately, and itchiness and soreness are soothed. Your eye doctor will be happy to advise you on how many treatments they recommend to help you achieve the maximum improvement in your symptoms. 

Is ZEST Safe?


ZEST is extremely safe and suitable for the majority of patients. 

The Importance of Eye Hygiene


Keeping your eyes clean and healthy is extremely important. Unfortunately, when it comes to our eyes, we often overlook the importance of proper care. 

Every day, our eyes are exposed to dirt, pollution, debris, and foreign matter. Each of these can’t only build up on the eyelids and the skin around the eyes, but also on the eyelashes and the surface of the eyes themselves. Over time, if they aren’t removed, they can lead to irritation and infection. Patients can also find themselves developing eye conditions that affect the quality of their vision, their overall health, and their day-to-day comfort. These conditions include blepharitis and dry eye.

What is Blepharitis?


Blepharitis is a condition that can cause many symptoms and make it difficult for people to wear contact lenses comfortably. 

The primary symptom of blepharitis is swollen itchy eyelids. Others include a gritty feeling in the eyes, crusting around the eyelashes, sore eyelids, and your eyelids sticking together, particularly first thing in the morning. 

In most cases, blepharitis occurs because you have bacteria at the base of your eyelashes, although you can also develop the condition if the oil glands in your eyelids get clogged or irritated. This is a common cause of dry eyes.

What is Dry Eye?


Dry eye is a very common condition where the main symptom is the same as the name of the condition itself. Dry eye will affect most people during their lifetime, but for the majority, it will resolve itself without intervention. However, a small percentage of people will experience chronic dry eye that affects their vision and quality of life. 

In most cases, dry eye is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. This is where the glands responsible for producing the oil found in tear film become blocked. Without sufficient oil, the tear film quality is compromised and lacks the lubrication needed to be effective. 

For more information on ZEST, visit Envision Specialty EyeCare & Dry Eye Center in Meridian, Idaho. Call (208) 490-8823 today to schedule an appointment.

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